Based in Canada. Free shipping to Canada & USA on orders of $100+ and free shipping to the rest of the world on orders of $150+
Based in Canada. Free shipping to Canada & USA on orders of $100+ and free shipping to the rest of the world on orders of $150+
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About Us

What’s a Nutrimal?

Nutrition + Animal = Nutrimal. Nutrimal is the result of years of research, and trying almost every fad diet imaginable before coming to one simple conclusion, to create robust health must go back to the basics: Sleep, exercise, and high quality nutritious food. Nowadays, there are more diets than there are days in a year. They all claim to be the best, yet are all astoundingly different. A great deal of them focus on a certain restriction, such as sugar, fat, carbs, the list goes on. One thing’s for sure though; constantly tinkering with the little variables is bound to drive you crazy, and unlikely to yield lasting results. Stop counting the calories or the fat or the carbs and start trusting your instincts. Start getting great rest, adequate movement, eat high quality foods and your health is bound to improve. One of the most nutrient rich food sources is undoubtedly grass-fed animal food. Animal foods provide nutrients that are fat soluble, as opposed to water soluble which are easier to digest for humans as well as containing a variety of nutrients that either cannot be obtained from plants entirely, or are not contained in adequate amounts to support optimal human health. Out of all animal foods, whether it be dairy, meat, fish, or seafood, organ meats stand out as one of the most nutrient dense of them all. The only drawback is that many people are not used to the textures, or presentation with organ meats such as liver, heart, kidney, or brain to name a few. Luckily, we can now get the same nutrition, without the taste by desiccating the organ and taking it in supplement form.


To improve health through the use of nutrient dense animal products, using only the highest quality products available in a form that is affordable, and easy to keep up with for the average person. 

Word from the Founder

Nutrimal was created because we believe that our products will truly make a positive difference in people’s health, and as a result their lives overall. My passion in life has always been to help others in any way I can and after all of the time spent researching health-related topics I knew that it was time to bring these types of products to market and start educating people on their value. We are committed to consistently learning, and growing in order to provide you with the highest quality products that bring legitimate health benefits. My hope is that we can bring as many people as possible on this journey with us to better health, and better quality lives.